Gardening in lockdown

So is there anything we can be doing to get the most out of our gardens during lockdown? Here are a few tips:

  • Can’t get compost? Use garden soil. It may not be ideal, but it’s likely to be good enough, especially if you’ve been working in compost over recent years. If you haven’t got one, how’s probably also the time to start your own compost heap. More on this in future, but you can get good information on making a start on this here. Our compost heap is pretty new still, but fortunately I had some in stock from last year.
  • Collect your own seeds. Hindsight’s a wonderful thing and if you didn’t do this last year then it’s too late now, but it’s a good reminder to start collecting as the year progresses. Depending on what you already have, there a plenty of perennials and biennials you up can collect from, some of which you can even sow on this year. I’ll be sowing seeds taken from my foxgloves later in the year.
  • Make containers out of anything and everything. Old grow bags and plastic containers with holes cut in them work well. We used old wooden crates to make our tomato beds. Plastic tubs for carrying building waste, with holes cut in the bottom.
We bought these plastic containers for moving rubble whilst renovating our house, but by adding holes for drainage in the base they make extra space for vege.
  • Take cuttings. Sowing shop-bought seeds is the most obvious way to quickly add to your garden, but there are other ways to propagate and for many, striking cuttings is a good option. This involves cutting off part of a plant and potting it independently so it can grow roots as a new plant. I have plans to do a bit of this soon, so hopefully they’ll be a post on this in the future.
  • Get things tidy. If you can’t start many new projects through lack of seeds, plugs, containers, compost, etc., then bows the time to do all the jobs you’ve been avoiding! Edge the lawn, stain the shed, mend everything in sight and get things looking tidier than they ever have done. If not now, when?

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