What a difference a month makes

Well, I’ve written several posts that I haven’t published this month, as events seemed to be moving faster than I could write. It’s fair to say that the arrival of the novel Coronavirus that’s sweeping the world has changed daily life in Europe and in Britain we’re still working to find a new normal.

In amongst all the bigger changes to our lives, the effects on my plans for the garden seem pretty trivial and yet, in the midst of a national ‘lock-down’, I’m certain that those people lucky enough to have a garden, balcony or courtyard will be using them a lot over the next few months.

Our cherry tree is getting nicely established and has been providing a welcome view from our kitchen since lock-down started.

I had plans this year to work on planting in our border, to add more cut-flowers and maybe experiment with a few new crops. Friends invited us to help in their new allotment and I was thinking of sowing a patch of annuals for a bumper crop of cut flowers. Now we’re told to avoid shopping as much as possible and the supermarkets are often lacking in fresh fruit and vegetables. So my plans have changed. Where once I was thinking of sowing Ammi Majus, now I’m thinking of carrots and the allotment is a far-off enticement that must not be visited.

On top of that, we have a 2 year old, out of nursery, stuck at home and in dire need of entertainment. So it seems, like many other people, we will be spending even more time in the garden this year than I’d expected. Admittedly, the time I have for blogging is much reduced, but I’ll be doing what I can to post about what we get up to, trying to get the most out of our garden over what’s going to be a pretty unusual year…

Making space for carrots where cut flowers had been planned.

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