Gardening with a newborn

Well I’m pretty ashamed to see the date of my last blog. But a lot has happened in that time.

When I last posted, our building project was finally finished and our lives became focused on finding furniture, unpacking boxes, moving my toddler into his new room and getting everything ready for the arrival of our newest family member. I also had a lot to finish up at work and was doing some long hours as well. At the time, we were still getting a bit done in the garden (because I was quite pregnant this mostly involved my pointing while my husband got on with things), but finding the time to post about it was harder to do. I’ve saved up a few things from over the Autumn though, some of which I will hopefully post soon.

Then, in November, my second son arrived. Now, I’ve posted about Gardening with a toddler, and I plan to post about ‘Gardening with a baby’ this Summer, but the reality is that ‘Gardening with a newborn’ doesn’t really involve much in the way of gardening at all. Short of making plans for the future, I’ve found it pretty hard to get much done, especially with a toddler in tow as well. I’ve been feeling guilty about ignoring the blog, but these are unusual times for us and rather uncommon, so hopefully it won’t happen again!

My littlest child has been growing rapidly and, despite the sleep deprivation, we are starting to find our feet again. At least it’s winter now and the garden lies relatively dormant, while I neglect it. There are berries and seedheads and the grass is still green, but very little is growing. In the meantime, I do hope to be blogging a little bit more over the next few months and making plans for the time when I can pick up my trowel again…

Cyclamen blooming through the winter

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