Flowers in the house

Just living is not enough … one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower. Hans Christian Andersen

Last post I wrote about some of the flowers I’m growing in the cut flower bed. So here’s a brief post showing some of the results. The last few weeks have produced quite a few blue flowers, which are a favourite of mine, but also of the bees! They’ve included the last of the Forget-me-nots, a few bright blue Cornflowers, Delphiniums and Campanula.

Flowers from the garden.
Campanula and Alchemilla Mollis.

Up until recently, when I removed the majority of it from the cut flower bed, there was also a lot of Cerinthe to provide foliage of a blueish-silver hew, lime green Alchemilla Mollis for contrast and bright green leaves taken from the large beech hedge we have at the bottom of the garden.

Beech leaves, Campanula and silver-stemmed curry plant flowers.

Because we’ve had building work going on, I haven’t had many vases that aren’t packed, but I made sure I kept my favourite one out. It’s a dark blue glass jug, that my husband inherited from his grand-mother and the colour is stunning with the sun shining through it.

I love flower arrangements that look a little wild – country garden meets country hedgerow and this vase works well with that style. It’s been hard to make the most of the flowers coming from our garden while the building work has been going on, because we’ve not had the space for such things. But the good news is the kitchen is almost finished and we’ve spent the weekend ‘moving’ into to it, so finally there’ll be a chance to bring some more of the outside in. Hopefully that also means that there’ll be little bit more on cut flowers in this blog from now on…

Cut flowers arranged for the house.

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