Gardening with a builder

My plans for filling the half-empty border in our garden are all on hold right now. The garden is filled with steels, a cement mixer and chunks of our roof, making it hard to get around, but impossible to do so was toddler safely. No more naptime gardening sessions – at least for a couple of weeks…

I’m also not keen to put new plants in a border which has become secondary space for the builders. Unfortunately, one of peonies became a victim of a chunk of metal last week, its hanging on, but is far from happy after its experience.

One of my peonies after getting crushed.

Some of the geraniums have had a rough time of it too, but they’ll bounce back much more easily. There is a thin layer of dust over everything, as well – an odd look in a garden. Whilst I think the builders are unlikely to crush anymore plants from now on, I’d still rather not take the risk of doing anymore planting just in case.

So, for now, I have to enjoy the sunshine and try to be patient for a little longer…

Some of the hardy geraniums also fell victim.

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