Blossom by blossom the spring begins.

Algernon Charles Swinburne.

I think it’s fair to say, spring is well and truly in progress. The first cherry blossom has appeared in our garden and other trees have fat pink buds, ready to burst open on the next sunny day. My husband and I planted one particular cherry tree when we moved into this house – we were married under a cherry tree and decided that Prunus Incisa (The Bride Tree) was a meaningful first addition to our garden. It flowers a little later than some others do and I always find myself holding my breath in anticipation of the stunning, dainty, white flowers that cover every branch when they finally appear.

Prunus Incisa: The Bride Tree

We also inherited another cherry, with wider flowers and a tinge of pink, which is already in full flower.

Our ‘inherited’ cherry tree
The grass beneath it is already strewn with blossom

There are also plenty of plants on the move and I’ve included a few photos below. I particularly value self-seeding plants (they’re free!) and am pleased to see plenty more Alchemilla Mollis that has sprung up around the garden. With wonderful, corrugated leaves and fine sprays of lime green, scented flowers, it makes a lovely addition to a vase inside the house and is great for filling borders outside. The tiny ‘woodland’ area I’m working on is also looking good and fresh green perennials are beginning to find their stride elsewhere in the garden.

Spring is in full swing and I really need to get out there this weekend and make the most of it…

Self-seeded Alchemilla Mollis in between the paving cracks

The raised beds are filled with self-seeded Violas

There are also Aquilegia which have sewn themselves around the place
This large sage bush seems to have become home to a large number of ladybirds
A happy looking Delphinium
An elder I’ve allowed to remain, so I can harvest the flowers in late Spring/early Summer
Cowslip in the ‘Woodland’ area
The area next to and under our beech hedge – the ‘Woodland’ area

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