A cold spell

There are few things more predictable in the world of gardening than the ‘unexpected’ cold spell. Shoots are appearing everywhere, the green growth of young bulbs is thrusting upwards, life is returning and, although it may seem rather early, the warm days continue until you finally accept it – spring must be coming. You let down your guard. And then the unexpected cold spell arrives, in oddly predictable fashion.

Apparently there is snow on the way, but whilst there’s not much gardening to be had, I’ve taken the opportunity to get outside and take a few photos of the frost instead. Taken in a hurry on my phone, rather than my SLR, the ice-coated plants and a glass garden table are well-suited to monochrome. I may still desperately want the spring to arrive, but in the meantime I’m going to enjoy the benefits of this particular cold spell…

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